Formatting Services

Formatting at Word Vagabond is done by hand. We do not use all-in-one programs or one-click processes — they can and will make mistakes. Formatting is handled by Suzanne, who also personally checks that each file type works correctly both on computer and on device before sending it off, so you never need to worry about an error with your novel.

Each job will take one to two weeks to complete. (You can always email for status updates, or include in your email how often you would like us to email you updates!) Simply pick your package and send your requests to


Payment Options

Word Vagabond accepts SquareCash (preferred), Paypal, or check/money order. Payment for formatting projects are made in full at the beginning of the project.

Formatting services include:

  • Cover formatting
  • full text formatting
  • Table of contents
  • Copy of html code
  • Copy of your finalized Word document
  • Copy of requested file format(s)

Formatting does not include editing. To insure your final draft is up to scratch, we suggest a proofread if your novel hasn’t had one already.

E-book Prices

Up to 30k, one format: $50
Up to 30k, two formats: $75

Up to 100k, one format: $100
Up to 100k, two formats: $150
Up to 100k, three formats: $200

Over 100K, one format: $125
Over 100k, two formats: $175
Over 100k, three formats: $225

Print prices:

Up to 100k: $150
Over 100k: $175


Express– your book will be finished in five days or less. +$75
Custom scene breaks– $25
Custom chapter headings– $35
Illustrations– $50
Total custom in-book artistic makeover– $100 (includes scene breaks, chapter heads, additional flourishes for page corners, part break art: the whole enchilada)