Editing Services

At Word Vagabond we offer pro-bono reviews and editing services at rates far lower than the competition, so you can finish your book and share your story without breaking the bank. Our editors, Alexis Arendt and Suzanne Lahna, offer the benefit of years of education and professional editing experience.  Our most recent work includes editing for authors Naomi Clark, R.E. Butler, Kelly Walker, Leeland Artra, Scott Marlowe, and award-winning YA Science Fiction author Cidney Swanson.

Because the Word Vagabond mission is to support independent and small-press authors, we have priced our services competitively to make them more affordable to the average author.   Portfolios, references, and sample edits are available upon request.  Please e-mail Alexis at wordvagabond@gmail.com  or Suzanne at suelahna@gmail.com for more information.

Services and Packages:

Beta/Developmental Editing, $0.005/word: Beta editing is usually done on a first or second draft, and involves an analysis of plot, character, style, exposition, and other critical story elements.  This includes a follow-up by e-mail, instant messenger, or Skype.  Recommended for new authors.

Line Editing, $0.0065/word:  Line editing is done on a second or later draft, and consists of detailed, line-by-line editing for sentence structure, continuity, dialogue flow, and other issues that do not require major story changes.  Includes a follow-up by e-mail, instant messenger, or Skype.

Proofreading, $0.005/word:  Proofreading is done on a final draft just before publication, and consists of line-by-line correction of spelling, grammar, and minor sentence structure issues.  Includes follow-up by e-mail.

Line Edit and Proofread, $0.009/word:  A combination of the above steps in one, to completely prepare a final-stage manuscript for publication.  Can also be separated into two stages according to the author’s preference.  Includes follow-up by e-mail.

Comprehensive Editing Package, $0.02/word:  Includes beta editing, line editing, and proofreading on up to six drafts of a manuscript.  Follow-up by e-mail, instant messenger, or Skype at each stage.


Word Vagabond accepts SquareCash (preferred), Paypal, or check/money order.  Payment can either be made in full at the start of the project, or split into two payments at the project’s beginning and end, with the exception of the Comprehensive Editing Package.

Due to the possibility of a large shift in word count between the beta and line edit stages, the full fee for the Comprehensive Editing Package will be calculated based on the word count at the line edit stage of the project. This package requires a $50 deposit, with the remainder of the fee (less the deposit) due upon completion.

A $15 late fee will be added for any manuscript received after noon on the agreed-upon start date.

Our Editors:

Alexis Arendt:  Alexis has more than 10 years of experience as an editor, and is passionate about the world of independent publishing.  She has a B.A. in English from St. Bonaventure University and is the  former editor of the independently published Sword literary magazine and the peer-reviewed academic journal Cithara.  Her favorite genres are Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, MysteryNon-Fiction, and Children’s and Middle-Grade Fiction.  She prefers not to edit dystopian or zombie-themed fiction. Her e-mail address is wordvagabond@gmail.com.

Suzanne Lahna:  Suzanne has a B.A. in Professional Writing from Fitchburg State University, and has spent the past three years working as a technical writer for large and small businesses as well as medical practice, but her true love is fiction writing. She spent her formative years working as a copy editor for her college newspaper, interning at the Sentinel and Enterprise newspaper for the city of Fitchburg, as well as assisting students with all manners of scholastic essays as a writing associate. This is her third year with Word Vagabond. Her preferred genres are Horror, SuspenseUrban Fantasy, FantasyTrue Crimes, Espionage, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, and Dystopian Fiction.  Her e-mail address is suelahna@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “Editing Services

  1. Hi my name is Prudence. I am interested in a line edit/proofread combo for a literary fiction manuscript of about 82,700 words. Could I send in a small sample (maybe 1000 words) to get a feel for your work before committing? Let me know. Thanks!

    • Hi Prudence. The best way to get in contact with us is via the e-mail addresses listed on the site. Sue is accepting new clients right now, and would be happy to provide you with a sample edit! Her e-mail address is suelahna@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest!

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