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About Kenneth S. Murray:

Kenneth S. Murray HeadshotKenneth S. Murray lives with his wife Beth in Winter Park and has sons and daughters and three grandchildren. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he served in a top secret cryptographic unit of the U. S. Army in the Pentagon during the Korean war organizing intelligence from codes deciphered by the National Intelligence Agency. He moved to Florida in 1958, retired early and for the past fifteen years has been writing novels and poetry.


On the Difference Between Writing Science Fiction vs. Thrillers:

There are more similarities when it comes to writing thrillers and science fiction

than there are differences. At least for me; because you have to have the basic ingredients that go into any fiction novel.

One – You must create believable heroes and heroines; the love angle, better yet, a triangle, which makes for more problems for the characters to overcome.

Two – You need villians; perhaps several of them, so the writer can kill them off over time and give opportunity for different villians to endanger the protagonists.

Three – The writer must create heroes and heroines, who are not perfect, who is, and allow the reader to discover these personal difficulties or traits over time and present them as real problems.

As an example, in my novel The Second Creation; Charlotte Tennyson, the earthling and heroine who began life as a frozen embryo, was birthed on another planet in our Milky Way Galaxy, had lesbian tendencies and experiences, which I showed the reader in considerable detail. She enjoyed the experience, did not regret it, but she had fallen in love with the hero, Brian Hudson, and didn’t want him to know that she had two sides to her libido, her sexual energy as Charlotte could desire both.

The differences are in the scenes, the settings, the places that the writer wants to describe and where the novel develops. The animals, people creatures, can be vastly different, as in fantasy, but I chose to introduce other planets and galaxies where people were similar in that they had all our five senses; see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. But I described some with different hair, some with lizard-like skin, etc.

Now I did a lot of research on real galaxies, black holes, how to fly through them, faster than light speed, laser guns where I embellished advanced weaponry, and I created giant space stations, where space craft could dock, get repairs, eat, sleep, have entertainment, etc.

I sense that sci-fi readers like to see earth people who are involved in deep space activities. That’s why most all the movies, television series, and visual representations made about space involve people that look like, and are like us. A writer can’t stray too far from reader acceptability, but a writer needs to include weird and wondrous things for the main characters in the book to confront and conquer.           

About The Second Creation: 

image014The Second Creation weaves together two stories; a life ending comet strike on earth, and inter-galactic war within the Realm of the Galaxies.
Research by Sandia National Laboratories Comet Impact Simulations brings incredible reality, and biosphere life begins a new human story.
Dunge Katorsay, an Apostle of the Anti-Christ, leads his forces from the Draco Constellation to defeat the realm and become its chairman.
Brian Hudson and Charlotte Tennyson are introduced as earth embryos. Both are born years later on another planet.
Charlotte is captured by Draco forces; her memory copied into her physical clone, who returns to Brian to spy on the realm. Charlotte’s bisexual tendencies were revealed, and she is kept by Dr. Sorsin, the lesbian bio-engineering genius.
The ending above the earth, as their forces collide, is a horrific battle between the Anti-Christ and the second coming of a God child.

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