Review: To My Senses by Alexandrea Weis

To My SensesNicci Beauvoir is a practical young woman.  She doesn’t exactly fit into the eccentric New Orleans society she’s been born into, and she’s determined to make her own life, rather than being married off to some rich boy from a good family.  She’s going to nursing school and planning her own future.

Then she meets David, at a society party she grudgingly attends.  David is charming, handsome, and, as the date of her father’s biggest business rival, completely off-limits.  When she decides to follow her heart anyway, she may lose more than she expects.

To My Senses starts—when it finally does start—as a conventional romance. ‘Good girl falls for bad boy,” etc.  Unfortunately, Nicci not only lacks chemistry with her love interest, she also has virtually no personality or character development.  The “twist” that comes halfway through the book is utterly predictable.

The strong point of this book is found in its supporting cast: Nicci’s family and friends are colorful, entertaining, and much more interesting than the lead characters.  Nicci’s father and her aunt Val were my absolute favorites, and I hope to see more of them in the rest of the series.

The other thing that gives me hope for the next two books in the line-up is that the book changes from a mediocre romance to a thriller in about the last ten pages.  I’m hoping for more action and character development in the next book.


Title:  To My Senses

Author:  Alexandrea Weis

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Publication:  BookSurge Publishing (June 20, 2007)

Price:  $1.99 (Kindle), $15.99 (paperback)

Author’s Website:


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