Review: Eville’s Most Wanted by Holand Peterson

14429789Review by Matt Schiariti

Hot on the heels of the explosive conclusion of Eville, Serene, Moody, and Alex find themselves on the road, evading prosecution from the powers that be.  Of course, nothing is ever easy for Alex or the trio, not so long as Serene is involved.  They’ll find themselves not only chased by Union of Elder Lords officers, the enigmatic Cyclops Daniel Hammet and his mute Spaniard partner, Vega, but the vampire mafia (the Cosa Nosferatu), goblin mercs, and a dangerous assassin as well.  The trio’s journey will take Alex and his newfound friends into even stranger new worlds and more perilous danger.  Par for the course when in the employ of Serene Necrosia.

Eville’s Most Wanted has a different feel than its predecessor.  The over-the-top dialogue and crazy cast of characters, both old and new, are still evident, but this installment in what seems to be at least a trilogy has a more urgent, action-oriented, and serious undercurrent to it.  The constant friction between Alex, the wise-cracking, moody, and ever-stubborn Serene is prevalent but since they’re being chased by mysterious, ill-meaning powers, it gives the book a bit of a darker feel.  The stakes have been raised and the dangers for the trio have been increased.

Peterson’s verbose and descriptive style is on display once again in this installment, usually to good effect but there was a time or two where I thought things carried on a little too long for my liking.  There was an action sequence (a siege of sorts) that took nearly twenty pages to tell and took me a bit out of the story.   This would be one of my very few disenchantments with the book.  I felt that the pacing suffered a bit in the middle because of this.  It’s a minor issue and in no means a deal-breaker.  In addition, Most Wanted didn’t quite have the ‘quirky newness’ that Eville had.  Alex is no longer the sole point of view character, as Peterson puts us into the heads of Vampire lords who work behind the scenes, as well as the cycloptic investigator as he works to track down Necrosia and company.  Of course these scenes were handled well and featured great dialogue and characterization but I still missed the crazy experiments gone awry that made Eville laugh out loud funny.

Minor issues aside, Eville’s Most Wanted is another imaginative and well-told story from a very talented author.  The cast is great and the story is engrossing and features a nice mix of new locales, lore, back story, and an odd (in a good way) mix of characters both old and new.  It definitely left me wanting to read the next installment and I look forward to seeing what kind of trouble Moody, Serene and Alex get into next.


Title:  Eville’s Most Wanted

Author:  Holand Peterson

Genre:  Science Fiction/Fantasy

Publication:  CreateSpace IPP (April 24, 2012)

Price:  $2.99 (Kindle), $11.99 (paperback)

Author’s Website:


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