Keeper of the Sword (The Sword of Kings) by John William Rice

Review by Lisa Metlak

Josh and Morgan have been best friends since they discovered they were born on the same date at the same time.  When Josh finds an ancient book with a prophecy and moving ship drawings, Morgan is hesitant to believe that the prophecy is about them – until they find themselves kidnapped into another world.  Now, they must trust their kidnappers with their lives until they are able to fulfill the prophecy and name a king.

I found this book to be very much about the journey rather than the destination.  While Josh and Morgan are part of a prophecy, they are submerged into a world that is vastly different from their own.  The teens are forced to put aside their preconceived ideas and learn a different way of life in order to survive and accomplish their role in the prophecy.

While I appreciated the author’s nod toward traditional manners and etiquette, I had difficulty with the inconsistent behavior of the characters and the cumbersome phraseology, and the book is riddled with both from beginning to end.  This story should have been about the young teens and other parties involved with the prophecy.  Unfortunately, the story was lost to too much time spent describing every minute detail of the world and its culture and trying to create diction that wound up being distracting and forced.

While this book had a good concept, unfortunately I can’t recommend it.  It was too choppy and difficult to follow for an adult, let alone a youth or young adult.

Title:  Keeper of the Sword

Author:  John William Rice

Genre:  Young Adult Fantasy

Publication:  John Rice, (July 4th, 2012)

Price:   $6.49 (ebook, all formats)

Author’s Website:


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