Lunatic Fringe by Allison Moon

Review by Lisa Metlak

Lexie Clarion had a plan:  go off to college and become a different person.  When she arrives at Milton College, she immediately becomes involved with people who have an idea of what Lexie is and can be, even though she doesn’t know herself.  When she discovers her new friends’ secret, Lexie finds comfort in the arms of a woman who holds even more secrets than her friends.  As she finds herself falling in love and dealing with the radical changes in her life, Lexie feels conflicted about keeping her new love a secret from her friends.  Can Lexie stand up for herself and find a way to be happy while helping the people she has come to love?

Lexie is a young woman setting out into the world on her own.  Her design is to expand her knowledge and find out who she is.  However, she is quickly thrown into situations that seem above her and against her inner beliefs.  While most people experiment with a variety of things in college, Lexie appears to be introduced to and experiments with all of them within the first few weeks of her college life.  Not only is she dealing with these mundane-world issues, but then she is thrown into the realm of the supernatural.  It’s no wonder she quite often feels as if she is on the fringe of becoming a lunatic.

I must say that the book was difficult to digest at first.  The reader is immediately thrown into justifications of lifestyles and political rhetoric that is abrasive and detracts from the underlying story.  This was a beautiful story about a young woman finding herself in spite of world views.  I frankly had a hard time not believing the sex scenes were just a way to introduce a lifestyle, which was a shame in this reviewer’s opinion.  Here is an incredible lesbian werewolf love story stuffed in between overly-described sex.  However, take out those scenes, and the base story still needed some details and closure.

Title:  Lunatic Fringe

Author:  Allison Moon

Genre:  Paranormal

Publication:  Lunatic Ink (September 14, 2011)

Price:  $3.99 (e-book, all formats), $15.00 (paperback)

Author’s Website:


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