Vaults of Power by Diane Echer

Review by Lisa Metlak

Thirteen years after their parents’ death, Robyn Gabriel finds herself rushing to her sister’s side in a hospital in the same city where their parents died.  She picks up where her sister left off – investigating the mystery left to them by their parents.  Unfortunately, she is not the only one who wants to find the answer to the mysterious book she found in her parents’ bank vault.  Pursued and endangered by organizations for both good and evil, Robyn finds herself seeking answers from the very people who may have hurt her sister.  When she is close to getting the answers she seeks, her sister is kidnapped.  Her only hope to save her sister is to translate the Voynich Manuscript, something even the most expert cryptologists have been unable to accomplish.

In the spirit of the Da Vinci Code, Diane Echer creates a mystery that takes you around the world and through a circle of deceit so intertwined with history that you find yourself wanting to learn more about the places and artifacts used throughout the story.  This story weaves a web of intrigue while introducing you to characters that are so outrageous you can’t help but want to know their back stories.

The book begins with action and continues the action through to the end.  The only predictable part of the story really is the main character’s underlying relationship phobia where her reckless actions and lifestyle are such that she does not appear to care for anyone, though it is obvious that she cares deeply for her sister and for her best friend Parker.

This author has great voice, and the book is absolutely a must-read for mystery lovers.  There are some graphic sex scenes and occult references, but they are minor and do not detract from the plot and overall substance of the book.

Title:  Vaults of Power

Author:  Diane Echer

Genre:  Mystery/Thriller

Publication:  Chicoine Editions (November 17, 2011)

Price:  $3.99 (Kindle), $12.99 (paperback)

Author’s Website:


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