Beware the Hawk by A.J. O’Connell

She started working for the Resistance because she liked the sound of their Craigslist ad.  It was good money, the kind that would let her survive as an artist in New York City without depending on her parents.  When her latest assignment in Boston starts to go south, “survival” takes on a whole new meaning.

The style of this book is attention-grabbing from the start.  O’Connell’s descriptive style is light and fun, providing a nice contrast to the suspenseful plot.  The main character has enough development to make her interesting, although it’s a bit frustrating that we never find out her name.  Even an alias would have given the reader a better grip on the story, I feel.  The supporting characters are also well done.  I found Danny significantly creepier than greasy Boston operative Leo.

I was infected with a sense of paranoia while reading; looking carefully at every character for ulterior motives and agendas.  This would have been a great suspense novel; as a novella, I felt it sold itself short.  The end of the book feels like it should be the end of the third chapter instead.  Still, O’Connell achieves some impressive things in such a short space.  The characters are fully three-dimensional, the plot is exciting, and there is an intriguing mystery.  I look forward to seeing what this author can do with a full-length work.

Title:  Beware the Hawk

Author:  A.J. O’Connell

Genre:  Suspense

Publication:  Vagabondage Press; January 17th, 2012

Price:  $2.99 (e-book, all formats)

Author’s Website:


2012 E-book Challenge, 3 of 50


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