Dark Hunt by Naomi Clark

Fresh from dealing with a gang of drug-crazed werewolves, Ayla and Shannon are off to Paris for a romantic holiday.  But they may have jumped from the frying pan in to the fire as they find themselves in the path of a horrifying killer.

Reviewing this book is a little bit difficult because I was so absorbed in reading it after the first two chapters that I completely forgot to take notes.  I finished the entire novel in two days, which is impressive during NaNoWriMo.  Dark Hunt even earned my very rare five-star rating on Good Reads.

To start with, Clark handles the recap of her previous book well, weaving it into the first few pages of the sequel.  It gets the necessary information across to the reader who hasn’t picked up Silver Kiss (which I also recommend- see last week’s review!) without feeling clunky or false.  This beginning is actually a bit more polished than Silver Kiss, which had some chunkiness in its exposition.

The plot gets going quickly and keeps up the pace throughout.  It is really hard to put down, so I suggest waiting until you have a reasonable chunk of time to read!  Or at least not when you’re trying to supervise small children…  Once again Clark creates a thoroughly believable and immersive world.  I’ve never been to Paris, but Dark Hunt made me feel as if I had, and more incredibly, made me want to.  The reader is drawn into the book to the point that they are walking side-by-side with the characters.  This is pleasant when they’re taking a stroll by the Seine, but downright terrifying when stalking a killer through the catacombs!  You may want a few lights on when you read that bit.

The secondary characters in Dark Hunt dodge the shortcomings of those in Silver Kiss.  They are complex and memorable.  I was particularly attached to Sun and Clémence- Thérèse just made me what to slap her, although I think that was rather the point.

It’s difficult to say more without giving away the plot, so I’ll simply tell you that if you like urban fantasy at all, you MUST read this book.  Go.  Go now.

Title:  Dark Hunt (Urban Wolf Series #2)

Author:  Naomi Clark

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Publication:  October 16th, 2011, Queered Fiction

Price:  $6.99 Kindle

Author’s Website:  http://naomijay.blogspot.com/



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