“Hallow’s Eve: A Halloween Fairy Tale” by Sarah Diemer

Laluna is a reluctant witch.  Her dream is to open a cupcakery, but her beloved grandmother has just willed her the family magic shop, and she’s determined to do her proud.  On her very first day in charge, the young witch’s generous nature leads her to make a big mistake, and setting it right may cost her everything.


This holiday short story by Sarah Diemer is a gem!  It was so much fun to read.  The main character is adorable, and I pictured the town as a sort of cross between Scooby Doo and Tim Burton’s Halloween Town.  Joining Laluna on her quest to return lovelorn zombie Leon to the grave is her childhood friend Blackthorn, a vampire.  Their interaction is the icing on this cupcake of a story, sweet without being overpowering.


If you need something to warm your heart this chilly October, curl up with a mug of cider and this book!


Title:  Hallow’s Eve:  A Halloween Fairy Tale

Author:  Sarah Diemer

Genre:  Fantasy

Publication:  May 9, 2011, e-book (all formats) and paperback

Price:  $0.99 (e-book), $6.99 (paperback)

Author’s Website:  http://www.oceanid.org/



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