“Hunter” by Wil Wheaton

When the rebel-hunter Pyke chases a teenage girl into a dark alley, he expects to have a bit of fun before turning her over to his alien masters.  What he finds will turn his world inside-out.

This short story by geek icon Wil Wheaton feels like the preface to something larger.  The exposition is handled beautifully, setting the atmosphere of a world under siege in a few words, without feeling clunky.  While this story is strong enough to stand alone, I would be very interested in a reading a novel-length work in this world.

Although his descriptions are definitely a strong point, Wheaton’s characters are intriguing as well, particularly Nina.  I did find the main character’s evolution a bit less than convincing, though.  For most of his life, Pyke is himself a resistance fighter, and then one day suddenly decides it’s more practical to work for the enemy.  There’s certainly a streak of sadism involved in his decision, but mention of a precipitating event might have given the character more depth.

I really enjoyed this piece, and I hope it will be followed up by many more!

Title:  Hunter

Author:  Wil Wheaton

Genre:  Science Fiction, Short Story

Publication:  February 10, 2011, Monolith Press

Price:  $0.99, Kindle

Author’s Website:  http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/books



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